Vehicle owners are responsible for having a towing service available in the event of breakdowns. Owners are recommended to have a service such as AAA, Roadwise, Allstate roadside assistance, etc. to be able to call to have their vehicle towed in the event of a breakdown or accident.

If the Owner is unavailable, the driver will call a tow company and coordinate accordingly. The Driver must note the location of the tow lot. If any fee is paid, the receipt must be kept.

Recovering the vehicle from an impound lot:

The Owner is fully responsible for recovering the vehicle from the impound lot; the owner should do so as soon as possible to lessen the cost incurred. If a vehicle has been towed to an impound lot due to illegal parking or abandonment of vehicle, the vehicle owner should retrieve vehicle from impound lot asap to avoid extra fees. Always bring an extra key, a copy of the rental agreement and vehicle registration.