Rider Refund Policy Terms


A deposit is automatically released 48 hours after drop-off if no issues are reported on the rental.

If there is a damage claim, accident or gas/mileage issue, Pinnico will withhold the deposit until the situation is resolved. Pinnico reserves the right to apply any deposit to outstanding fees, or damage, if the investigation reveals the fees or damage are attributed to the driver.


If a driver wants to cancel before they have picked up a rental, they must contact Pinnico Support. 


Early Drop off: If a driver needs to drop off a car early for car issues, then the driver will get the remaining days refunded from the rental minus Pinnico processing fees.

If a driver wishes to return a vehicle prior to the return date simply because they no longer want the rental, they will be reimbursed based off the daily rate of the vehicle. The driver will get a refund minus the insurance costs for remaining days and Pinnico processing fees.

Early Drop offs on Weekly/Monthly Discounts: If a driver books a car for a week/month and has availed of a monthly discounted offer to do so, then an early drop off refund will be calculated on the daily listed price. Insurance costs for the remaining days and Pinnico processing fees including application fee will not be included in the refund. Rental can only be canceled by Pinnico after a confirmed booking and issuance of insurance.


The weekly rate for the car is $200 with a daily rate of $35 (weekly discount = $45). The total amount paid by the driver is calculated as follows:

Total paid = ($200 weekly rate + $92 insurance for 1 week + 10% Pinnico Processing fees on rental cost~$29.20)  = $321.20 for 1 week rental

After renting the car for two days, the driver decides to return the vehicle. The refund on the remaining 5 days of the rental is based on the daily rate, not the discounted rate, and is calculated as follows:

Rental Cost for Days Active = (Daily Rate ($35) * Days Active in Rental (2)) + (Insurance fee ($12) * Days Rented (7)) + Pinnico Processing Fee ($29.20) = $183.20 

Refund = Total Paid ($321.20) - Rental Cost for Days Active ($183.20) = $138 Refunded